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Who We Are

Business-minded software development group

We are software developers with one goal in mind: To help small businesses become stronger in the areas of process, service, and profits. We help our clients save time and money while increasing revenue. We do this by using software to reduce operational overhead and open new opportunities for revenue.

Business Analytics

Save money and increase revenue with business intelligence.

Process Automation

Improve service, reduce overhead and work smarter.

Product Development

Custom software development services.

Focused on providing value

Our ultimate goal is to provide significantly more value than our services cost. In order to accomplish this goal, we start with a simple cost-benefit analysis for any proposed business improvement. Before charging ahead with a new enhancement, we report:

  • The cost of not having the enhancement
  • The estimated cost of implementing the enhancement
  • How long it will take for the business to realize the benefit of the investiment

While there are multiple reasons for investing in business improvements, typically a cost-benefit analysis paints a pretty clear picture of whether the investment is a worthy one. By first looking at the financial outlook, we help businesses protect their capital and maximize their investments.

Refineing the "How"

When a new order comes in, how does your company respond? When another order is received, will response be the same? Is the response one that the company has made a conscious decision about or is it just the way "it's always been done?" We've seen that most small businesses are so busy doing business that the systems—how business gets done—are often neglected.

When we begin a relationship with a business, we typically find one or more of the following problems:

  • People are overloaded with mundane busy work
  • Because there is not a well-defined work flow, tasks take longer to be completed
  • Customer serivce suffers due to associates frustrated by unfulfilling and uninteresting work
  • Associates become unhappy with each other because they are constantly waiting on someone else
  • Businesses get stuck in old ways because the employees pass all their

We help our clients design, evaluate, and automate business processes to ensure employees are able to spend their time where it matters most.

Built for small business

When you look at a fortune 500 company, one thing you can expect to find, besides executive offices, is a programming department. These departments are important for

  • Providing information to the executives about the health and effectiveness of the company
  • Creating internal tools for business operations
  • Integrating web services to leverage their cost-effective benefits
  • Setting up automated processes to reduce the overhead of manual processing

When we look at small business, this is a component of business which is not typically found. Our objective is to provide these types of services to our clients in a cost-effective manner. Though, analysis and programming is a professional service, there are many aspects of software which have become commoditized. Our role is first to understand the needs of businesses; second to analyse pre-existing solutions to ensure a good fit, and finally to fill the gaps by creating new software where no acceptable alternatives exist.

Our Services

Systems Analysis & Design

For companies without an internal systems specialist, we will learn your operations and help tune and design systems.

Application Development

Need an application developed? Whether for internal use or a marketable product, we are a one-stop shop for professional grade software.

Automation & Integration

Integrate your existing systems and eliminate manual processing. Enjoy quicker responses, more accurate data, and less busy work.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Computing is a dream come true for business of all size. Scale up or down as needed to eliminate waste, maintain small periodic expenses, and world-class technicians delivering high-uptime availability.

Personal Technical Support

Have you ever felt like you needed to be a computer genius just to understand the support technician? We offer user-conscious support for everything from setting up a printer to database backups. (coming soon)

Technology Consultation

Have a software project idea? Want to look at upgrading an existing system? Curious what opportunities your company might be missing out on? We're glad to help with a no obligation consultation.

Not your average Software Development Team

Our software development team is the cornerstone of our company. Every member of our small team of skilled developers is passionate about their craft. Working on your company's project isn't just a job for us. From analysis and design to development and support, you'll enjoy the benefits of a team of individuals doing work we love.

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Our Development Stack

Web Server



SQL Server

Raven DB

Microsoft Azure

webpack JS Bundler

Entity Framework

Web Cleint



JavaScript ECMAScript 6


jQuery / jQuery UI


Telerik Kendo UI



Unity 3D

VBA - Microsoft Office



C#, PowerShell, SQL

Visual Studio

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